Classically Elegant Beaded Statement Jewelry

When I was nine, my family took a trip to Montana where my souvenir was several hanks of seed beads and a beading loom. I taught myself how to loom and read patterns, and took classes on all jewelry making techniques. I've continued learning from world-renowned instructors but now focus my skills on beadweaving.

Beadweaving is like sewing with beads. Its a way to create intricately beautiful pieces that marry colors and textures. The end result often has a pleasing tactile element that mimics fabric and drape. I ensure each piece is durable and comfortable to wear because we've all had those earrings that are so heavy we can't wait to take them off!

My mom has always been an inspiration in my jewelry. At 4'11", she needs petite jewelry that is scaled in both size and weight to fit her. In designing pieces for her and my sister (who is 5'1"), myself (I'm 5'4") and long-time customers (who are 5'9" and over), I understand how jewelry fits differently on varying body shapes and have incorporated this in my designs.

Another perspective I received from my mom is attaching emotion to each piece of jewelry. My mom received most of her jewelry on vacations or as gifts, and her jewelry box is full of memories which she's shared with me. When she would wear her jewelry, it would be a pleasant reminder of that memory in addition to a reflection of her current mood. She would coordinate her outfit around her jewelry and would never leave the house without wearing at least a necklace and earrings.

Because my jewelry is meticulously stitched and crafted, each piece can take anywhere from 3-20+ hours to complete. They are unique and timeless pieces that coordinate and compliment your outfit, mood and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much I do making them.

Thank you for visiting,
Andrea Turini

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